First Music Draft.


  1. You probably saw this coming but MOAR BASS,lol.
    On a serious note....I like the way its going but it needs like something deeper, like a deeper drum set or even a guitar, I dunno if rhythm would work. More impact at the start maybe.

    Its totally awesome though!

  2. I agree. I think the middle section drags on a little and is quite light. But when the CLUNk happens and the bassy tone kicks in with the drums, it makes a nice impact. Really like the ambient sound at the beginning and the piano on the explosion. A bit more depth and maybe some melody would pull the whole thing up. I like how it gets lighter when the tree is finally seen too. Maybe that needs to be even more obvious. Only other thing is that its missing one scene from the final animatic. (when noah is driving and looks at the airship crash)

    So far so good!