Treasure Maps.

Been UV mapping my bust model of Noah for animation tests. The goggles looked so awesome as a UV map alone that I had to post that too. Something very nice about it.


Production Bible Cover Design

Philosophy on arts?

As much as I disagree with a "blog criteria", we have been asked to outline our personal approaches and philosophies to animation. Now is as good a time as any...

I have always held the beautiful artwork in high regard. If something is visually arresting it can overcome most downfalls. Animation shouldn't be approached in any other way. In the same way a painter would, a set colour palette and textures can be utilized. New technologies (e.g. Maya) shouldn't replace previous techniques. We should, however, be able to adopt past teachings and improve them further utilizing the new technologies.

As part of a University environment I feel it is the duty of a student to experiment and try to push the boundaries and applications of what can be done with their chosen media. D'ARK will endeavor to invite the viewer to interact with and investigate into the world that is created alongside presenting a visually pleasing piece. Using 2D character, colour and texture styles while exploiting tools within a 3D environment and having an element of interactivity, I hope that D'ARK will be something new and exciting for viewers.


Writing the bible

Started work on finalized pages for the production bible. Here is a little taster.
Over and out.