D'Ark Aftermath

(you see what I done there?)

Its been amazing guys, but like all good things, it has to end, and that day my friends, is today. I will never forget you D'Ark.


Film and Making Of DONE!

Yeah, sweet times. Cant wait to see everyones films, going to be epic! Oh and for everyone involved in D'Ark its been amazing. Big shout out to all my other fellow peers in animation to!


Compositing Breakdown.

I've thrown together a quick breakdown of the test I was given for your viewing pleasure, I look forward to BEASTING through the rest of the compositing and effects with F Tizzle this week.

I can't seem to embed it properly for some reason, so watch it in full HD on youtube here!


Truckin' Dirty.

Here is a dirty lens test. Going to paint up several of them today for addition to the final comps.



Everything has been sent to the renderfarm and looking fab! Onto some hardcore comping next week.

Heres a happy Hermit..


Kieran Duncan's Comp Test!

Superb work, still have to add the dust in properly on different layers and put on a dirty lens but its really coming somewhere, cheers Kieran! Also for some reason Youtube has saturated this video to some crazy level for some reason.......