Hermit Home

Another strangely grainy render of the junk pile. This time of the back area where the Junk Hermit has built upon a little more. The sign has a bit of a Machinarium feel to it.


Treasure Pile

Render of the front view of the Junk Hermit's homely junk pile with a few familiar items appearing.


Power of Scripting.

(Sight Crow, Noah and the Junk Hermit)

These three images were drawn by Yibao Gao after reading each of the three final scripts and no previous knowledge of the character designs. I think they are a demonstration of how scripts can be an interesting way of conveying a story with no solid image of a charcter to begin with. Enjoy.


Test turnaround of Noah with texture applied:



The team has been working super hard to get the UV maps (including the epic, 28 A3 page, truck map) on the characters finished and ready to move into the texturing stage. Texturing has now begun and im trying to finalise colour schemes on Noah first. We met with Joni on Wednesday morning in Glasgow to discuss the soundtrack, its all very exciting!!


Possibly the prettiest UV map i've seen. Although something worse than this would probably get me a first if I was in fine art, it wont be texturable looking like this. This one may take a while...



Just a quick update on how the scale is looking (needs work)


Trailer Types

I cant really decide on which trailer I like best. Probably the first one (closest to the camera)


Some prototype truck stuff

First working prototype:

Second working prototype:

The main purpose behind making the prototypes was to find out how about I'm going to make the thing work (wheels spinning, steering, speed, motion paths, suspension, weight, cogs, trailers).

I went down the manual animation route after first planning on using dynamics after a few talks with Pat Imrie. Things seem to be working OK with work progressing into making the trailers work with the opening sides and massive tree pinging out of it.


Noah... IN 3D

Rough test of texture on Noah model. Needs more contrast I think.


Treasure Maps.

Been UV mapping my bust model of Noah for animation tests. The goggles looked so awesome as a UV map alone that I had to post that too. Something very nice about it.


Production Bible Cover Design

Philosophy on arts?

As much as I disagree with a "blog criteria", we have been asked to outline our personal approaches and philosophies to animation. Now is as good a time as any...

I have always held the beautiful artwork in high regard. If something is visually arresting it can overcome most downfalls. Animation shouldn't be approached in any other way. In the same way a painter would, a set colour palette and textures can be utilized. New technologies (e.g. Maya) shouldn't replace previous techniques. We should, however, be able to adopt past teachings and improve them further utilizing the new technologies.

As part of a University environment I feel it is the duty of a student to experiment and try to push the boundaries and applications of what can be done with their chosen media. D'ARK will endeavor to invite the viewer to interact with and investigate into the world that is created alongside presenting a visually pleasing piece. Using 2D character, colour and texture styles while exploiting tools within a 3D environment and having an element of interactivity, I hope that D'ARK will be something new and exciting for viewers.


Writing the bible

Started work on finalized pages for the production bible. Here is a little taster.
Over and out.


Some more stuff...


Early Concept Art