Sky texture for beyond the horizon.

Short Render/Composited test

Short test of render layers coming together and composited. Still missing effects and textures.


Early Test Render Number 2!

Ok so the last one needed more work and so does this one!
The Ambient Occlusion has been upped in quality, less blur and a discrete toon line has been added which in my personal opinion should be more bold.

I'm not sure about adding in a proper shadow or not....I'll test that next. Not sure what else to add pass-wise.

Later in compositing we are hopefully getting some dust and haze put in.


Early Test Render

Test render with beauty pass, ambient occlusion pass and zdepth pass all pulled into photoshop. Needs some tweaking specially with colour and brightness. Should be all good though.

Random update: Been working on animation for a few weeks now and everything is going pretty awesomely with a huge chunk of animation done already. Jamie is texturing the environment and once that and the animation is done (soon), its all render/comp/sound/edit. :)


Test with an occlusion pass on the truck.


Environment Colours

An idea of how the sky and environment will look.
I've had to dull down the bright reds from the concepts as it really overshadowed the characters.
Limited colour palette still in use and the sky is similar to that used on "Akronasia" to link the world together properly.


Another texture render.
This time it's the tree with an occlusion pass layered lightly on it too.
It still needs chains and fruit added when it is inside the tank of the truck.


First Music Draft.


Thats a Big 10...