Random rig pose


Physical Sun and Sky...

...is pretty but it doesn't like surface shaders much - even though the goggles look amazing. This shall be the last physical sun and sky Noah seen. I really don't think we can make it look right. Maya software wins the day. Enjoy.


Random Update

Here follows a couple of test render turnarounds

Also some piston/cog stuff

Also got some uber-low-res images of the truck rig set up and the hermit crab rig set up.

There are controls for everything including the doors, exhausts, steering, independent wheel suspension, trailer twists and controls for the opening of the middle trailer. Everything else will be controlled by expressions, with the whole thing on a motion path.

For the crab its a pretty familiar organic rig.

So far the truck is completed with only the textures needing to be drawn and painted. The crab needs to be skinned and textures drawn. Also Callum's bird is coming along nicely with Jamie's Noah character pretty much finished. Animation should hopefully be starting soon!


We are looking for animators, compositers and others.


Crabby Crab!

Just a little picture of the Hermit Crab character.



For the first time today we got most of the environment (albeit with physical sun and sky and not textured) put together. It is looking wonderfully vast.

Hope you all had a good new year - now get working! =]