Compositing Breakdown.

I've thrown together a quick breakdown of the test I was given for your viewing pleasure, I look forward to BEASTING through the rest of the compositing and effects with F Tizzle this week.

I can't seem to embed it properly for some reason, so watch it in full HD on youtube here!


Truckin' Dirty.

Here is a dirty lens test. Going to paint up several of them today for addition to the final comps.



Everything has been sent to the renderfarm and looking fab! Onto some hardcore comping next week.

Heres a happy Hermit..


Kieran Duncan's Comp Test!

Superb work, still have to add the dust in properly on different layers and put on a dirty lens but its really coming somewhere, cheers Kieran! Also for some reason Youtube has saturated this video to some crazy level for some reason.......


Another comp test (HD)

From Jamie's still I put in with the render layers a vignetting and a grain. What we need to do now is render each character and background separately so we can stick in some dust. Also thinking about putting a dirty lens effect on it and some sort of haze which I'm just about to look into now and perhaps try.

There's a few things wrong with this shot so please don't point the obvious out, its a test. Also I have given these frames to Kieran Duncan to see what he can do with them :).


Colour/Effect Test.

A render of the scene I am animating at the moment with some effects added as a text in photoshop. Gives a kind of projector feel and a little grain added. I think this may be difficult to get to look exactly as this is using after effects but this is an ideal for the moment.


Explosion Animation

A quick comp of the explosion animation with a beauty still. Will look better with a touch of camera shake but didn't have time to add that before the college closed today. I tried adding some animated hatching to the cloud to match the backgrounds, but this can be easily removed/tweaked if it's not to your liking.

Password: dddark


Original Render for Previous Post.

The Diffuse/Beauty pass for the comped render below to compare!

Help! Choose your favorite.....

Were having some problems choosing a style. I've botched up a few. Theres one type listed here that I have used for the other 2 renders (which look great) but now that we've stuck the floor in its all gone to ass. I could go back into other scenes and play with them but I thought a new render would be nice to see, try and ignore the sky as it will be a separate pass as it doesn't play too well....Also some of the geometry needs normal softened - no biggie. Anyways feedback from anyone would be nice!


Quick Enviro Render.

This time is real kids. This two render passes from maya layered quickly in photoshop.
No toon line either because I forgot :3


Another random test