Help! Choose your favorite.....

Were having some problems choosing a style. I've botched up a few. Theres one type listed here that I have used for the other 2 renders (which look great) but now that we've stuck the floor in its all gone to ass. I could go back into other scenes and play with them but I thought a new render would be nice to see, try and ignore the sky as it will be a separate pass as it doesn't play too well....Also some of the geometry needs normal softened - no biggie. Anyways feedback from anyone would be nice!


  1. Second one... if it's in a desert it needs to be bright and feel hot. You could even up the contrast a little more. If you try duplicating the layer in after effects/photoshop, giving it a Gaussian blur (directional blur works well too on moving stuff)so you can still see shapes but not details, then set the blend mode to overlay or soft light, play with your opacity. Keep layering up the layers to get a cool desert heat bloom.

    Here, I fired up a quick one in Potatoshop. If you guys want a hand in comp I'd be happy to help, but I'm only comfortable in AE, not nuke... the offer is there if you need it.


  2. Hey man, thanks for the feedback.

    The Second one is the one I like...and the one I have used for the other renders. Jamie likes the 4th one. The Second one is an overlay Zdepth layer and the 4th is multiply Zdepth layer.

    We are doing comping in AE so any help would be amazing, as we are all a bit n00by, just getting the render layers put together was bad enough!

    I like what you have done with the blurs, we were thinking of adding animated heat waves into AE but yeah, no scoob how to do it yet. Also needing lots of dust and smoke. Been speaking to Malcome for some advice and help but if you have any input at all and have some time, we would appreciate that!

  3. Proooobably the last one. Or maybe the first. I feel the second is just a little too bright and happy. Looks good for a still but when you have movement I think you can get away with things being a tad darker. If you go with the last one, I'd tweak the sky a little. Dropping the brightness greys out the whites and yellows a bit. Might be good to add some kind of orange wash to help it.

  4. Yeh I think the main issue is the sky. With it being so contrasty you will have to watch out you don't blow out the brighter colours. With regards to the sky, the 2nd image is as bright as you could go. Maybe try brightening up the background objects/ground plane. There's no light catching any of these objects, which doesn't reflect the brightness of the sky. Do you have a light behind the foreground objects?