Early Test Render

Test render with beauty pass, ambient occlusion pass and zdepth pass all pulled into photoshop. Needs some tweaking specially with colour and brightness. Should be all good though.

Random update: Been working on animation for a few weeks now and everything is going pretty awesomely with a huge chunk of animation done already. Jamie is texturing the environment and once that and the animation is done (soon), its all render/comp/sound/edit. :)


  1. For all the needs work and scrap it clicks...
    Feedback in form of a comment would be helpful. ;]

  2. I haven't clicked on anything, but it's difficult to know for sure until the textures are all done, everything looks a bit dodgy in 50% default grey! Version 2 is definitely an improvement on this one, but I'd personally like to see even more toon line and even less blur.

  3. Yeah hopefully the textures are done soon (JAMIE!). I would like to see more toon and as for DOF well....thats easily adjusted in post and there never really is the "correct" DOF. Anyways thanks for the feedback!